Jyl Boline, Ph.D.


Jyl capitalizes on her academic research and management background to provide specialized services for complex projects. She applies her strong communication, strategic thinking and management skills in areas that require both biological and technical knowledge. She has 15 years of experience facilitating and managing collaborative projects that involve diverse teams from locations around the globe.

Jyl started her training as a research scientist and received her PhD at the University of Minnesota followed by a Sloan Postdoctoral fellowship for computational neuroscience at Caltech. She followed this with a management position at USC and as the research project manager for a large collaborative neuroinformatics project, Bioinformatics Informatics Research Network at the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at UCLA.

This background gives her a unique combination of skills that require both biological and technical knowledge and an understanding of managing projects in an academic research environment. She specializes in complex biological informatics projects arising to fill the needs of diverse communities and participants in different locations.



SuAVE is a project led by Ilya Zaslavsky, Director of Spatial Information Systems Laboratory at University of California San Diego. It is an online platform for visual exploratory analysis of surveys and image collections. It integrates visual, statistical and cartographic analyses and lets users annotate and share images and distribution patterns. It also provides a gateway into advanced data science and machine learning tools by integrating with R and Jupyter notebooks.