Our world is shrinking and projects frequently require collaborations across the globe composed of diverse teams.

While our services can be used within an organization, our specialty is in facilitating collaborations between diverse groups from different locations and organizations to meet the overall goals of the group.

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We develop solutions that require understanding of where biology and technology meet in the complex research environment by providing strategic planning services for your project.

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Scientific Writing & Editing

We provide a range of writing and editing services; including journal publications, grants, and thesis editing.

We also develop documentation, educational, or promotional content.

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We provide services for both research software developers and those in need of specialized research software including application requirements, usability feedback, and connecting you to resources.

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Collaboration Facilitation

We help you pinpoint what you want to accomplish and create an agenda to achieve your deliverables. We can also facilitate meetings for you.

Communication & Outreach Support

We promote you with your stakeholders, users, and sponsors through outreach and by building community relations and key alliances

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We provide the high-level management you require to successfully implement and complete your project.